Clients  Opportunities

Consulting to - -

- Communities  in economic distress - helping them conceive, create, plan, implement and manage economic development,  reinvestment,

business and job creating programs.

- State,  county,  and local governments  -  helping them generate investment in  chronically destitute towns.

- Corporations,  chambers of commerce,  and trade associations  - that have tarnished or poor reputations,  and little or no social engagement,  helping them create robust, proactive  CSR programs.

- Banks and other financial institutions -  that want a better approach to CRA initiatives.

- Foundations - that want to change focus and become providers of capital  for community uplift

- NGOs - that want to create new partnerships and strengthen their programs .

- Labor unions - that want to step up their social and community engagement, and find new ways to pursue their basic missions.

- International development institutions and agencies, and USAID and World Bank prime and subcontractors - that need added special staff assistance.